I Never Knew I Needed

Story Feb 9, 2021

The past year, for better or for worse, has shaken the foundation for many ways of life.  From individuals to large corporations, it's been a time of great change.  If you're like us, it was the year we finally got confirmation our in-office jobs we were told could not be done anywhere but in our beige cubicle prison, could in fact be done from the comfort of our own home.

Like many of you, we're sure, getting sent home to work remotely wasn't an ever slowly approaching phenomenon, but rather one day, you got the call.  You packed up your things, brought them to your "home office", and kept on keepin' on like the champ you are.  But, were you ready?

Among other things (checks toilet paper vault) webcams and microphones were of the first products to become sparse back in March as they flew off the shelves for remote conferencing and learning, but our favorite device of the quarantine seemed to fly under the radar.  The KVM Switch.

Source: CKL

If you've never seen a KVM switch before, we implore you to give them a chance. This device stands as a hub for your essential PC peripherals from mice to keyboards to monitors and sometimes even an accompanying USB hub, allowing you to connect to multiple systems without the necessity of plugging and unplugging cables on an hourly basis.

No longer are we stuck on the 15 inch ThinkPad screens we've grown to hate; constantly accidentally hitting the touchpad with our palms selecting entire paragraphs and deleting them in fractions of a second, stuck in some kind of one monitor hell.  With the touch of a button, our work PCs can be displayed on our multi-monitor systems with the high performance hardware we NEED!

Now, all we're waiting for is a remote water-cooler to hear the latest gossip from Janet in Accounting.


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