IKEA Gaming

Story Feb 16, 2021

IKEA has finally thrown it's efficiently-made hat into the ring!  Announced back in September, the Swedish retail giant is set for a global release of its whopping 30+ product set for PC gamers, from gaming chairs and desks to accessories such as neck pillows, and headset holders.  Even a standing desk.

Source: Ikea

In collaboration with Asus's ROG, the product set has already launched in China and has been well received.  IKEA traditionally being viewed as the budget option may be a misnomer for this line, as the products seem sturdy and well-built, with taking a beating in mind.  Regardless how you feel about IKEA overall, there's a dramatic shortage of affordable gaming furniture in the market, and if there's anyone out there that can crack that egg, it's our Swedish friends across the pond.  Checkout the full lineup here.

Source: IKEA


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