It Takes Two - to Tango?

Story Feb 17, 2021
Source: EA, Hazelight, It takes two

It Takes Two will be dropping in on March 26th and we could not be more excited. If we had to choose games and movies to compare It Takes Two to, it has to start with Toy Story. Engulfed in a world where everything has come to life, our main characters Cody and May, once human, have transformed into living walking dolls! They must work together in a complete co-op world to overcome obstacles throughout their journey. The end goal is to return to their human lives, but first, they must fix their relationship in the hilarious environment around them. Grab your favorite co-op partner and choose either couch co-op or online co-op with built in split screen so you can see your partners point of view.

Will Cody and May prosper? How badly do they long for their human lives? Forest Gump said 'Life is like a Box of Chocolates,' and this game certainly holds true to the same metaphor - you never know what our characters are getting into! Cody and May will traverse the world around them completing challenges, learning new character abilities, leveling up, defeating bosses and more! In a time where many people are confined to their homes in search of safety and often work from home, It Takes Two serves as a new way to experience relationships in a comical light through interactive storytelling gameplay. Think the Sims, but on steroids. We do not know what else Hazelight and EA have in store for this new release, but we look forward to crushing this title with our partners in crime.

Quick Drop Squad Take: If this is even close to the same partnership that brought us A Way Out, this game is going to be groundbreaking.


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