Protect your eyes!

Story Mar 2, 2021
Source: J+S

Budget friendly eye protection! We've all heard the sayings from the media about how blue light is bad for you, and it's true. Some studies show that blue light can even contribute to digital eye strain and cataracts, as well as cause you to have sleeping issues. Bad news for gamers, as electronics and screens are one of the biggest sources of blue light exposure. Luckily, there are some pretty big-brained folks who've come up with a solution.

J+S Blue Light Gaming Glasses can block almost 90% of the stuff, protecting your eyes and letting you game with perfect vision for years to come. Plus, they're not expensive, so you get to protect your eyes and your wallet, it's a win-win! If you already wear glasses-don't fret! There are many options for glasses that will go over top of your current pair, giving you protection while not diminishing your vision.


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