Katamari Damacy

Story Mar 8, 2021
Source: Katamari Damacy

Do you ever want to just roll around and do nothing sometimes? If so, we have the game for you. Katamari Damacy is a lesser known gem on the Switch that boasts relaxing gameplay, a calming atmosphere, and a killer musical score that won it the 'Outstanding Achievement in Original Musical Composition' in its original release in 2004, on the PlayStation. It's been brought back to life on the Switch and is truly one of the most unique puzzle games we've found so far.

Yes, those are buildings on that giant rolling ball. Entering the world of the game, you start off as a small little being. Your goal is to grow as large as you can in a certain time frame, and you do that by rolling around to collect items smaller than you. Different game objectives include beating the clock, collecting a certain number of items, collecting special items, and more! As you grow bigger, the items you can collect will begin to get larger as well. You may start off with only marbles or bits of fuzz, but if you're efficient you can get yourself to the point of picking up bridges, boats, buildings, and who knows what else.

Promote a more relaxing gaming environment. Let's be honest, first person shooters and survival games aren't always "calming". However, this game is the epitome of satisfaction. It's the game equivalent to finally cleaning your room after 3 weeks, or reorganizing your entire kitchen. The calm nature of the music mixed with the satisfaction of cleansing the area around you of little things until it's beyond spotless is just what some of us need to unwind as we ignore the actual mountain of clothes that are piling up in that one chair in the room that we all keep but don't sit on. We know you have one. But it doesn't matter now, enjoy unwinding with Katamari Damacy and roll your worries away!


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