Minute of Islands

Story Feb 24, 2021
Source: Minute of Islands

Bringing puzzle platformers to 2021. Minute of Islands is set to release March 18th on Steam, GOG.COM, Humble Store, PlayStation, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch!

Mo is a skilled tinkerer who lives with her family on an old inhabited ancient island that once roamed with giants. As she travels the island, she is tasked with keeping the machines and innerworkings found below their surface operational. Mo and her family dare to speak of what will happen if this maintenance is not kept up with – a threat that they can't fathom.

As Mo traverses the islands she will be met with all different kinds of puzzles and tasks throughout the story based gameplay. For the gamers that are looking to sit back and enjoy more of a platformer that constantly challenges your thinking in various puzzle events throughout the islands, Minute of Islands is meant for you!

This upcoming title features an extraordinary world with a wide spectrum of colors, unique islands, and plenty of characters and secrets throughout your journey. Players will traverse the islands while digesting the story one scene at a time and enjoying the 'hand-drawn comic art visuals and deeply atmospheric soundtrack' throughout, per MoI.


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