Muh Skillcap

Story Feb 9, 2021

In the beginning, video games started as simplistic modules meant to entertain us.  Their increasing complexity, intriguing, drawing us closer, and yet we look back at the days of Sega and NES and recall how difficult the games were.  In the past 40 years, as games have become increasingly commercialized, so too have they become easier and more user friendly, expanding the target market from casuals to enthusiasts alike.

Tarkov is nothing like that - If you haven't given Escape from Tarkov a try yet, definitely give it a look on your neighborhood streaming platform.  Tarkov has to be sporting one of the steepest, most punishing learning curves we at Quick Drop have ever experienced, and we love-hate every second of it.

Source: Reddit

Like looting?  It's inventory management is second to none, challenging you to keep only what is necessary.  Currently sporting a whopping 1,600+ unique items to be looted, extracted, and sold; game knowledge comes at a premium.

Source: EFT Wiki

Like health bars? It's got 7, and multitudes of debuffs for you to deal with on the fly in the middle of a gunfight.

EFT Wiki

Like maps?  It's got 12 beautifully immersing maps, packed to the brim with hidden stashes, valuable loot locations, locked areas, and ever-changing extraction points.  Did we mention baddies, both human and NPC alike?

For the first time in years, we can honestly say, we've been defeated.  Never have we played a game we enjoyed so much while experiencing so much defeat.  Bringing Dark Souls punishment to the FPS world, Tarkov finds a way to knock you down and make you second guess getting back up.  Our only question is how many keyboards died in the making of this game.


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