Need Intel?

Story Mar 1, 2021
Source: Intel

Intel Xe Graphics Card gets a 👍! It's a well known fact that gaming laptops are the best for high speed gaming and large, bulky programs that need to be run at max capacity. Unfortunately, not everyone has one of those fancy-and not to mention pricey-laptops. It's designed to enhance the performance of laptop graphics, with all new capabilities and and better performance that can all fit into a light, thin laptop.

Gamers no longer need to sacrifice our sleek, light laptops just to get a good visual during those all-night gaming sessions we have with that new game we just got (yes, we all do it). Unleashing your creative side will be that much faster as well, as the chip allows for higher resolution images and graphics with 20% more CPU performance. Essentially, what we have here is an awesome mix of better discrete graphics, unique software, and more all bundled into an 11th Gen processor that will give your laptop a major upgrade without having to compromise your size.


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