NES Advantage Controller

Story Mar 18, 2021

What good is a game without a good controller? That's what Nintendo thought when they made this baby. The NES Advantage was a seriously unique controller that functioned more like an arcade game with its controls. The large joystick made for easy movement, and the buttons were large and hard to miss. It allowed players to feel a lot like pro-gamers with its design, allowing people to almost have an arcade machine in their own home. Like most controllers of its time, it was rather clunky and large, as well as bulky. It also wasn't designed very well for in-home play, as you'd have to rest it on something in order to get full range of motion and control, where as with todays controllers they're designed to comfortably fit in your hands and allow you to relax while you play. Regardless, this old-time beauty was a star in its time, and was one of the first controllers made to allow players that real arcade feel.


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