NES Zapper

Story Mar 11, 2021
Source: Wikipedia

Whoever had one of these was the coolest kid in school. Back when consoles were still emerging and trying out new ideas and concepts, many were creating all sorts of additions for their console. NES was no exception, and had its fair share of special equipment for some of its different games. The NES Zapper was one such item, and was used for the various shooting games that were featured on the console. It came in a few different color variations and plugged into the NES like any other controller. It could be used as a gun while playing, and provided the player a more realistic feel when playing first person shooters or other war games. While it may look silly to us now(we say that like we didn't all have one of those steering wheels for playing Mario Kart on the Wii), back in the day it was a hot item, as the idea of having controllers that were realistic to an in game weapon were much more scarce. It offered a new experience for gamers and changed the way companies continued to develop new products from then on.


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