Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021

Story Feb 11, 2021

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021

Happy Chinese New Year! - This Friday February 12th marks the start of the Chinese New Year, and Steam couldn't wait to start passing off savings to gamers hoping to add more IP to their collection they might think about playing someday...but not today.

The Steam Lunar Sale begins February 11th and will run through the 15th, with a few teaser sales having already begun featuring: Destiny 2, Cities Skylines, Borderlands 3, and Battlefield 5 (which has somehow found a way to still be $50 MSRP on Steam before the sale).

Source: Daily Express

Steam finds a way to do it to us every time.  It's a common trope at this point to have more games in your Stream library that you haven't played than the ones you have by an order of magnitude.  But how do you say no to such amazing deals on such highly rated games?

We at QD in an attempt to be wallet conscious have started utilizing our Steam Wishlists to filter out the noise in what can be an overly inundating event occurring multiple times a year.  Do yourself a favor and hop onto Steam before the sale and iron out your heavy hitters.  You'll even receive an email the moment your list of wishes gets it's hefty price cut.  Prepare your mind for the digital gluttony.


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