Nothing Like That Old Virtual Novel Smell...

Story Mar 25, 2021

The world of virtual novels is often left untouched by pro-gamers. Of course, that's understandable considering it's tough to have a tournament, or even watch a playthrough of a virtual novel. However, if you're going to delve into that world, we have a throwback that might just spark your interest. Analogue: A Hate Story is a virtual novel game written and created by just one person, the amazing Christine Love. The work has been praised for its intricate storyline, emotional characters, and simple puzzle-esque gameplay.

Discover the secrets of the past. Start your journey as an adventurer sent to space to try and go through an old spaceship's logs. You're greeted by AI's that will talk to you and guide you through the ship's old journals, where you can understand the rich stories, drama, and secrets of the lives of those 600 years ago. Unlock different pieces, and do your best to get as much as you can out of the AI's. Of course, the AI's have their own secrets. Can you uncover them, and get all 5 endings?

Find something new with each playthrough. With the intricate dialogue option paths, each playthrough will yield different pieces of the ship's history. Christine Love is known as a fantastic writer, especially when it comes to game writing. This game may not have the flashy nature and intensity of other games, but the puzzle-like nature of the intertwined stories and the different paths of discovery are like no other game you've seen before, and will have you hooked for hours. Lastly, the game itself was somewhat of a beacon of hope for creators everywhere, showing that individuals could create and self-publish absolute masterpieces without having to be part of some large conglomerate. If you must take away anything from this article, it's that nothing is stopping you from creating the next gaming hit.


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