Story Mar 16, 2021
Source: Steam

Cooking chaos at its finest. Diner Dash style games have been around for a long time. They're the classic style of game that revolves around your skills in both time management and multitasking to keep your patrons happy and fed. The challenge of adding new ingredients and dishes while increasing the workload on the player makes for an attractive and addicting game that has everyone scrambling to be the best. Overcooked is of that same type of game, but it has its own twists and nuances that make it really stand out.

Multiplayer madness! First off, you can play this game with up to 4 others. Now, you might think that makes the game incredibly easy with all of those hands, but you are very wrong. Without the right coordination, having that many cooks can lead to some serious chaos in the kitchen. From others not knowing what their job is to getting stuck on the wrong side of the kitchen, the list of things that could go wrong are endless.

What do you mean, the wrong side of the kitchen? That's what makes Overcooked! special! The game features a variety of environments that mess with the players at all times. Some levels involve cooking while floating on a river, while others have you in a hot air balloon. Magical levels cause the tables to shift constantly, and if players aren't careful they could end up stuck in a spot until the tables turn again. Other obstacles like conveyor belts that only go one way, or fires that can spread, also make the gameplay interesting and fun. Cooking with your friends and family is something we all miss, but Overcooked! helps us bridge that gap. That is, until one of us burns all the pasta....


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