Pokemon Go! Spring into Spring

Story Apr 7, 2021
Source: pokemongo.com

We're ready to catch them all! The Pokemon Go! Spring into Spring event is going on until April 8th, and we're racing against the clock to complete it. Gamers can recognize event Pokemon by searching for those wearing event-specific spring flower crowns. The new event features challenges and quests, as well as the release of a Mega Lopunny. Fans can also purchase game stickers and other event items, as well as get exclusives from finishing the objectives.

How do we participate in the event?

Catch the 10 (sort of) spring related Pokemon:

Eggcute, Shadow Eggcute, Buneary, Bunnelby, Plulse, Minun, Flower Crown Pikachu, Diggersby, Azumarill, and Flower Crown Chansey. This may seem like a small list, but it won't be easy to collect them all!

Tips for players struggling to catch all their Pokemon:

  1. Try using incense in order to lure Pokemon towards you in a quiet area.
  2. Keep an eye out for invaded Team Rocket balloons or PokeStop balloons. There may be some Shadow Eggcute hiding around them.
  3. Plulse and Minun can be better attracted with a Magnetic Lure Module. Attach it if you're having issues
  4. Keep trying. It takes time and patience for even the best Pokemon Go!-ers to catch all their Pokemon.

If any of you complete the challenge, show off your winnings on our Discord, or by pinging us on Twitter: @QuickDropMedia


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