Directions to change your life

Story Feb 4, 2021
Source: PS2 Network Adaptor

Snap, screw, and plug-in - the 3 steps to change your life! To set up the PS2 Network Adaptor, a legendary piece of gaming equipment, you had to follow three simple steps.

  1. Snap the PS2 Network Adaptor into the expansion bay
  2. Screw the Network Adaptor in
  3. Plug-in an ethernet cable

VoilĂ  you have internet! To the Quick Droppers that need a video to help with installation instructions, check out this "high quality 4k" video from 2008.

The history of video game equipment and accessories is important. When we look back in time, it makes us appreciate not only the great memories we had, but also how far we've come. The PS2 Network Adaptor unlocked the world of online gaming with our PS2 friends.

Quick Drop Squad's take: We looked on eBay and you can still purchase these network adaptors. If you are wondering, yes, we've already bid on one for our Quick Drop office memorabilia wall! #Winning


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