Quake Tournament (1997)

Story Mar 18, 2021
Source: youtube.com, decebal01US

FPS's oldest tournaments. One of the first FPS tournaments ever held, the Quake Red Annihilation Tournament in 1997 was a huge event in gaming. The initial round of the tournament had over 2000 players across the US playing online in a 1v1 bracket style elimination. As the players slowly dwindled, the final few were taken to the main championship held in Atlanta, GA, where they competed for the grand prize, a 1987 Ferrari. It quickly set the stage for gaming events that would follow it, and showed the world that gaming competitions were a serious sport that involved time, patience and skill. The winner of the competition, Dennis Fung, would later also win multiple Doom and Quake tournaments during his gaming career, and is currently listed in the ESL Hall of Fame.


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