Winter has come

Story Feb 1, 2021
Source: GOT. Yes, one of the greatest shows of all times excluding the ending

The Rainbow Six 2020 Korean Open Winter - Tournament, hosted by Ubisoft, finished at the tail end of January. Eight teams battled it out in a round-robin format.

We thought the final would be Talon vs GC Busan Spear (GBS), who both went undefeated during the regular season. Winter, however, had other plans. Cloud9, who placed 4th during the regular season, swept Talon in the semi-finals to make it to the final match. The other semi-finalists consisted of GBS vs OhHamMa, and to no surprise GBS took care of business and made it to the finals. This is when things got interesting...

The former League of Legends (LoL) organization who won the World Championship - DWG KIA (formerly known as DAMWON Gaming), acquired and signed 4 out of the 5 GBS players and their coaches. What this meant was the stakes were raised and the final match would be Cloud9 vs DWG KIA.

Cloud9 takes advantage of winter to become champions. In a Best-of-Five (Bo5), Cloud9 took down DWG KIA (7-5) on Consulate and then dominated them (7-1) on the second map, Clubhouse. DWG KIA did not go down without a fight and battled it out in Oregon (7-5). Unfortunately, DWG KIA did not have enough to pull off this win and Cloud 9 won the last match bringing the Series final to 3-1.

Quick Drop Squad's take:
It's a good thing we couldn't bet on this tournament, because our bets would have been on Talon to win. Be sure to check in on the events we highlight because we will do giveaways on occasion for those who pick the winner(s)!


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