Less is not always more

Story Feb 8, 2021
Source: Razer - Naga Pro

In our opinion, the best mouse is the Razer Naga Pro. In order to play like a pro in an MMO, we recommend purchasing a mouse with additional programmable buttons. Yes, in this case, more is more! The Razer Naga Pro, despite it's hefty price ($150), offers a significant level of customization and impressive features:

  1. 3 swappable side plates (12 button for MMO, 6 for battle royale, 2  for FPS)
  2. Up to 20 programmable buttons
  3. HyperSpeed wireless technology
  4. 150 hrs of battery life (BT), 100 hrs (HyperSpeed wireless)

For those that are wondering what HyperSpeed wireless technology is... This is Razer's wireless technology that they created to meet the demands of competitive gaming. Razer claims it is 25% faster than any other wireless gaming technology, which is meaningful for professionals and for those of us pretending to be professional gamers (ahem - Quick Drop Squad). One would think this faster speed drains your battery quicker, but actually they've built it to last longer. #MicDrop


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