Roblox goes public $RBLX

Story Mar 15, 2021
Source: Miguel Lagoa /

Roblox ($RBLX) goes public last week with $38Bn market capitalization. Quick definition on 'Market Cap' - "Total dollar market value of a company's outstanding shares of stock" - thank you Investopedia. What this means that if you were to buy every share of Roblox, it would cost about $38 Billion. Yes, Billion with a B. If you have a brokerage account set up and are interested in investing in $RBLX the shares trade around ~$70.

Who develops Roblox games? Unlike some of their top public rivals $EA and #TTWO Roblox takes a different approach in development by outsourcing it to its players. This goes back to built by the people for the people (54% being under the age of 13) and let us tell you... it is working. Roblox online gaming platform has tens of millions games with nearly 33 million daily active users last year! This is up from 18 million the year prior.

What is Roblox vision? In looking through the prospectus: "We built Roblox from the start as a single platform, single name, single focus company that would someday support billions of users. The ultimate “product specification” was always to model reality, based on the belief that the more accurately we could simulate the real world, the more utility we could provide. Looking forward, we intend to maintain this focus as a single platform company, even as we expand the ways in which we enable people around the world to play, learn, and work together." What is most interesting to us is not just the focus on single platform, but how Roblox is looking to "enable people around the world to play, learn, and work together." Can you say futuristic social gaming platform / metaverse? We're excited to see where $RBLX will go and how this will impact other companies that will go public, ahem.... Epic Games.  


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