$GME is a Roller Coaster

Story Mar 1, 2021
Source: $GME, Google

$GME story continues as the stock surprised us once again. The now famous r/wallstreetbets was at their usual antics with every day investors, and the stock spiked during the week at ~$178 from its previous fluctuation around the $50 mark. Part of this can be attributed to Redditors and investors, but also the CFO, Jim Bell, was ousted in a disagreement over the companies strategy (reported by Bloomberg News).

So what happened!? As investors tried to continue to jump on the bandwagon, they were once again gunned down as trading was halted on brokerage platforms. To no surprise the stock continued to tumble through Friday down to ~$100.

This is not the end of $GME! We have a feeling this story will continue on throughout the year. The question is, will every day investors win or will Wall Street take the crown after Rainbow Road? Until then, we will enjoy the Hedge Fund memes!


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