Rumble Pak Time!

Story Feb 18, 2021
Source: N64 today, Rumble Pak 

The N64 Rumble Pak launched in 1997 and was a piece of equipment we could never forget. This Rumble Pak was originally sold as a bundle pack with none other than Star Fox 64. It was  popular enough that Nintendo ended up selling it as a standalone item a few months later. While this item may seem foolish to the younger generations as most controllers now vibrate, it added to the overall user experience in a very fun way. Keep in mind this was late 1990s!

The 007 integration showcased the power of the Rumble Pak! Different guns and explosions led to different vibrations in the controller. This made the game even that more entertaining being able to shoot a different gun and "feel" that "kickback!"

This will make the Quick Drop Media Memorabilia wall! We know you all were wondering if this make the memorabilia wall like the PS2 Network Adaptor did from last week's Throwback Thursday. It absolutely will - and the good thing is we already have one, so we don't need to buy it on Amazon or eBay - BOOM!


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