SQ42 - Another delay!?

Story Feb 10, 2021
Source: Squadron 42

Squadron 42 has fear of a 'Cyberpunk'? We can all understand delays in the game development world especially when it comes to the discussion of 2020 and how COVID has shaken the world. But it seems like bad news and delays continue to follow this title – although not all for bad reasons!  We are advocates for taking time in gaming development to ensure you can deliver the best product – but that cannot be understated by the opposite effect such as we’ve seen with the Cyberpunk2077 release.  And perhaps this decision comes from the publicity CP2077 received. Squadron 42 will ‘be done when it’s done’ so time will tell if we get to see it early 2021 or not.  

SQ42 takes place in the role of a rookie Navy combat pilot. As a pilot for the United Empire of Earth, you will be tasked with space battles in the stars with intense dogfighting and even ground combat. Stationed aboard a massive Navy ship, you will grow and interact with the crew around you as your character develops through the game. We are excited to see what the dogfighting will look like – and hope to an extent the development team took a note or too from the other well known dogfighting title in Warhawk.


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