Story Mar 23, 2021
Source: humblebundle.com

Expand your gaming niche. Humble Bundle is a company that provides super cheap game bundles. You can purchase multiple games at once in a large bundle for a fraction of the cost. It allows gamers to find new and great games without having to do too much searching, and includes games from multiple genres to allow for a huge variety of content.

But how do they get these prices so low? Great question(at least we hope that's what you wanted to ask)! The biggest draw with the Humble Bundles are that their proceeds go to charity, and they let you pay what you want. Game creators will partner with the bundle and allow their game to be included for a reduced price for charity. You can pay more for certain bundles to unlock different games, or less if you only want some of them and not all. This not only increases the amount of people buying the game, but allows for a lot more accessibility for gamers who are on a budget. Donate money and get your games at a bargain price, it's a win-win!


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