Gaming wins big in 2020

Story Feb 1, 2021
Source: Statista using Steam data

We saw exponential growth in the gaming industry in 2020. While we may coin last year the year of falling, in honor of Fall Guys, it was an extraordinary year for gaming. We can see this in terms of recognition, number of users, and financial performance. The pandemic “forced” casual gamers and enthusiasts to spend more time gaming.

Steam hit all time highs! The chart above highlights the growth of the Steam platform, which concurrent users hit multiple highs in 2020. The first all time high was in April when concurrent users broke 23.6mm. While the chart only goes through September, we looked at the data since then and the record was broken yet again, in December at nearly 25mm users! What we do know is records were made to be broken and we are confident Steam will break this record in the near future.

The Quick Drop Squad is beyond excited about the future of this industry. We hope that you enjoyed our first Daily Drop and continue to join us on this Rainbow Road.


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