Super Mario Bros (1985)

Story Mar 11, 2021
Source: Guinness Book of World Records

Calling all old-school gamers! That's right, we're kicking it old school with one of the first (and arguably best of its time) platformers out there, Super Mario Bros. While the modern version may have many cool new features, such as Yoshi, the powers to fly or throw balls of ice, and more, you may think this game is more outdated than the one version of Windows that erupts in a loud chiming every time it opens up. However, the original game made its mark in gaming history, allowing for Nintendo to really shine and develop as one of the top game developing companies out there today.

The graphics were impressive for that era, with clean lines and an array of colors that astounded those who had first gotten their hands on a copy. The mechanics were simple enough for anyone to pick it up and start playing, helping the game appeal to an extremely wide crowd of individuals who were new to gaming. The makers definitely knew what they were doing when they came up with this, too. In the 1980's gaming was still relatively new, and taking the time and effort to learn how to both work the game console and play the game was a real obstacle back then. Making the controls easy and simplistic helped to lower that learning curve and resulted in many more individuals picking up the game for a night of playing with their friends. No matter how many new platformers Nintendo makes, this one will remain forever loved.


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