Story Feb 22, 2021
Source: Tinderboxcollective.org

An online showcase of creativity and diversity in gaming. With the world shifting online, gaming festivals have to adapt. Designers and professionals have to wonder how they're able to reach out to those interested in pursuing careers, as well as find ways to see the new and upcoming talents that are out there.

Staring today, they'll be hosting a 2 week long showcase of game design, development, panelists, and more! The entire event is completely remote, allowing users to safely enjoy all that Tinderbox has to offer.

Some of the events include:

  • Game Design Panels
  • Gaming Health and Wellbeing
  • Introduction to Bitsy
  • Gaming Research from Glasgow University
  • and many more!

The festival is also completely donation-run, so users can experience all that Tinderbox has to offer, and just contribute with they're able to! Check them out here for a full list of their awesome events, as well as a link to register!


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