Tomb Raider Trilogy Leak

Story Mar 9, 2021
Source: Square Enix

The Tomb Raider games have been around for a while, but recently Microsoft hit a bump in the road when they released what looked to be a complete set of Tomb Raider games as a bundle on their store. People looking in the store could see the bundle as well as get a glimpse at what it contained, but Microsoft was quick to take it down. With 2021 being the 25th anniversary of the first Tomb Raider game release, the bundle definitely isn't a surprise to fans of both the game and the developer, Square Enix. Square Enix has been known for it's fantastic JRPG's, such as Octopath Traveler, Chrono Trigger, and many others. However, the Tomb Raider series is definitely up there, and we're hoping that that bundle will return soon so we can get our hands on it!


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