Turtle Beach Headphones

Story Mar 8, 2021
Source: Turtle Beach

Thanks for the musical game suggestion, but our headphones suck. How are we supposed to enjoy them? The answer is clear: get a quality set of noise cancelling headphones. Turtle Beach specializes in well made, durable, soundproof headphones that look sleek, feel sleek, and provide you with an insane surround sound experience that'll immerse you in your game more than you could ever think possible.

Wireless and wonderful, this sleek pair of headphones are sure to change the noise-cancelling game forever. Yep, they have wireless versions too! Not to mention a multitude of amazing styles, colors, and more that are all at a price that the every day Squad member can get down with. If you're looking to up your gaming experience without those cumbersome, restrictive wires, Turtle Beach has you covered.


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