Want to build an RPG!?

Story Mar 3, 2021
Source: RPG Maker.net

Wait wait wait...you are saying you want us to make games? That's right, Quick Droppers, you all are talented and where else are we going to get content, am I right? All jokes aside, we thought today rather than covering an existing game we would cover a game maker!

RPG Maker is a special breed of game. Mainly, it's a game where you create a game. It might sound like a lot of work, but it's noteworthy here because some amazing RPG's were made using this game maker. Don't believe us? Here's a quick list: To The Moon, Skyborne, Nepenthe, Omori, and OneShot! Who knows, maybe one day yours could be among this list, it's up to you to give it a try.

But making games is haaard. Not with RPG Maker! It's a newbie-friendly, easy to use tool that allows you to add and customize your world to your desire! Want to make an animal world where they just run around and talk to each other? Go for it! How about your own farming game? Yep! Perhaps you want to try your hand at an epic saga of wizards and witches and all the other magical items in the world? You can do it all with this and more!

Will it be worth it? To you it will, and to us it will. Individual creators are important to us, and they help drive the gaming community to its full potential. You may have a tough time getting your game to sell off the shelves so to speak, but that effort makes our community that much bigger, and gets you one step closer to your next breakthrough in gaming!


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