Wheels of the past

Story Feb 25, 2021
Source: Ebay, Logitech Driving Force

It is crazy to think that racing wheels haven't changed all that much. Even since 2001 and utilized in rumble racing, the logitech wheel, looks more or less the same. Besides looks though – we all know the technology since then has had its leaps and bounds.

Pictured above is the Logitech Driving Force Wheel for PS2. This product at the time was unique in that it started to dive into the world of force feedback – more or less in layman's terms today, vibrations and haptics! We know, this is a big generalization, but think about having this tech way back then and being so excited that your controller or steering wheel could vibrate or react to games? The sad truth is that in todays industry, all too often consumers actually disable these features. Rocket League – we're looking at you.

Take a moment to think back to your favorite racing games growing up – did Rumble Racing make your list along with the Need for Speed and Midnight Club series?


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