Wild Rift, LoR and TFT Esports

Story Feb 17, 2021
Source: LOL / Riot Games

Wild Rift is the mobile version of the PC giant League of Legends. In LOL's most recent Opening Day livestream for the 2021 Season – they announced that competitive gameplay and specifically Esports would be hitting Wild Rift! We can expect Wild Rift Esports events hopefully towards the middle to end of 2021.

There are plans to evolve their Team Fight Tactics into Esports realm, in addition to their Wild Rift title. For the mobile gamers out there, this is a huge opportunity to bring your passion for gaming to the next level and enter tournaments and other Esports competitions!

For the card game enthusiasts, we will also see Legends of Runeterra in the spotlight. This year, Riot plans to host competitions and tournaments where players will compete for cash prizes. Everything will be hosted in-game, where the victors will continue to gather the spoils.

Although not much information has been released, we are sure the team at Riot and LOL will be sending out information early here in 2021.

Be on the lookout for our future EVENTS sections covering these titles.


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